Reasons To Charter A Private Jet

You just switched on the TV and see your favorite celebrity getting off a private jet or plane. Immediately you conclude that only a rich business person can afford a private jet. However, even though some own their own jet you might be surprised to learn that many will charter a jet. Privacy, security and price are the main reasons for chartering. Many people who fly first class on a commercial airline will enhance their travel experience by arranging a private jet charter. This can be cost effective depending on the amount of people chartering.

I will accentuate the many inconveniences involved while using a commercial airline for a flight. They are as follows:

Time Consuming– Before you fly on a commercial airline you must drive to the airport. Once you arrive you must check in and go through security. It is recommended that you arrive 1-2 hours prior to departure. A security check is also required prior to check in. All is this can be very time consuming.

Connecting Flights– If a person is flying long distance chances are there will be a connecting flight. The reason might be to refuel or simply make a connection on another aircraft. Generally speaking, with a connecting flight there is a good chance you will have to depart the aircraft and reboard at a scheduled time. This is time consuming and inconvenient. Weather can also play havoc with flight times and connections which might cause further delays.

Distance– Commercial airlines generally only offer service to larger airports. Therefore, you may have to travel greater distances if an airport is not in close proximity. If you are traveling on business and live far from an airport serviced by commercial airlines it can be costly, time consuming and inconvenient.

Costly– When you fly first class it can be expensive especially if you are traveling with your family.

There are a number of advantages of traveling on a private jet. I will outline them in the next few paragraphs.

A private jet can land in over 3000 private airports domestically and internationally depending on the size of the aircraft. Also, a private jet can be chartered usually with only a few hours notice. International flights usually require more advanced notice. There are also many private planes available. A light jet will seat usually 6-7 passengers. A mid size jet will seat 7-8 passengers and a heavy jet will seat anywhere from 9- 14 passengers depending on the interior seating configuration. This is a benefit as you can choose the right aircraft for the charter.

A private jet might be able to fly non stop depending on distances, type of jet and fuel capacity. This can save time and money which can lead to greater productivity.

There are many private jet brokers and Operators so I recommend if you plan on chartering please research the company before you make a decision. Also, I recommend getting several quotes as prices might vary depending on aircraft availability and location of aircraft. When it comes to finding a private aircraft I know this information will come in handy.